1A. Working Routine

2023-10-26 16:00

The "Comprehensive Option", covers your liabilities at law under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, It also provides Personal Accident Insurance, repatriation expenses and several additional medical protection to your domestic helper.

Other households require some chores to be done only once or twice a month. These include windows’ cleaning, the vertical and horizontal blinds, washing the curtains and seat covers, and wiping toys or cleaning the play area (if applicable). However, these chores need to be done thoroughly, as the areas to be cleaned would have been accumulated with too much dust and dirt by the time they are washed or cleaned.

If your job includes baby sitting, your daily routine shall include duties related to feeding, bathing, clothing and caring for the baby’s needs.

On the whole, your duties and responsibilities shall include those described in your Job Description, which you agreed upon when signing your contract, and which your employer shall oblige you to perform.



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