1C. The Bathroom/Wash Room Area

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Bathrooms Cleaning

Bathrooms require thorough cleaning on a regular basis to remain free of germs, mildew and odor. Knowing bathroom’s trouble spots will help you to determine a cleaning routine. Always keep the room well ventilated to minimize dampness, condensation, and to maintain a pleasant, fresh smell. Dust the room carefully, watch out for talcum powder on all surfaces.

Clean the window sills, pipes and handles, cabinets and sides, doors and louvers. Check the mirror and wipe off any splashes. Basins and surfaces should be wiped dry carefully every day, paying attention to corners. Do not forget to clean the taps and the drainage hole, where stains may occur. Remove hair at the drainage holes to prevent clogging and drainage overflowing. Scrub the tub and shower with non-abrasive scouring powders or liquid disinfectant cleaners. Dry the surrounding tiles or walls. The shower curtain needs drying. Take care to wash and wipe off any soap residue which could encourage the growth of molds.


Lavatory Area Cleaning

Pay extra attention to the area around the lavatory. Use the specified lavatory brush and scouring powder or cleanser for the inside of the lavatory bowl. Be sure that the flushing hole and the inside rim of the bowl are cleaned. Wipe the toilet seats, handle, tank, outside rim and the surrounding areas everyday. Use a separate sponge for scrubbing this area.

Rinse the lavatory brush with a fresh flush of water after cleaning. Remember to wash the brush occasionally with Disinfectant and hot water (inside the toilet bowl, not on the bathtub or bucket) before putting it away.

Hang the bath mat to dry on the side of the bath tub after brushing it so that it is ready for the next use. Make sure that fresh folded towels are hung and the toilet paper box is not empty. Mop the floor dry and polish with a dry cloth. Remember, use the toilet sponge, cloth, brush and pump within the bathroom only, and not for other areas of the house.



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