Smoke-free Company Recognition

2023-10-26 16:00

(Hong Kong, 15 September 2019) On 15th September, KL Home Care was awarded the Smoke-free Company Recognition to commend for its social responsibility by caring for its staff and the environment. This is 1st time for KL Home Care has joined the scheme which aimed to enrich its staff with healthy knowledge about smoking and secondhand smoking. Besides, we have set up smoke-free policy as part of the company's policy to ensure the implementation of the scheme.

※ KL Home Care was awarded the "Smoke-free" logo and the frontline employee quit smoking plan certificate


The "Smoke-free Enterprise" logo and the "Love. Smokeless" frontline enterprise employee smoking cessation program certificate are recognition and recognition of the healthy social responsibility of KL Home Care. We always strive to make our customers' satisfaction, and we will not forget to strive to pursue and realize our own value as our company, fulfill our social responsibilities, and bring together all employees to bring business, employees and society. Win the situation and build a beautiful and harmonious Hong Kong.



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