B-Volunteer Award

2024-03-04 16:00

KL Home Care Ltd., as a member of the HL&C Group, has always adhered to the spirit of professionalism. Throughout the years, we have also been committed to practicing corporate social responsibility and have actively responded to and participated in various community care activities with the aim of continuing with our volunteer spirit and delivering positive social energy.

※ Left - Ms. Jean represents KL Home Care Company Ltd. to attend the award ceremony
※ Right - Group photo of representatives from award winning companies

At KL Home Care, we actively encourage and provide support to our colleagues to become volunteers so that they can continuously be involved in social affairs and serve others in need. Since our society is ageing, our company strongly believes that we should take on more social responsibilities so that Hong Kong will continue to strive.

Our company is deeply honoured to receive the 2023 B_Volunteer Award from the Hong Kong Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association in recognition of our efforts in the past years. In the future, we will continue to provide excellent services to all our stakeholders, promote sustainable development, accomplish our social responsibilities, and provide care for disadvantaged groups in society so that we may create a caring, harmonious, and inclusive social environment for Hong Kong.



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